Thursday, October 17, 2013

Bamboo Style Boho Waves Spray - Review

Hi everyone!
I have always craved naturally beach wave hair so I have tried multiple products to try and get it on my own. This was just another product I came across and decided to give a go but oh my, is it good or what? 
This is the Bamboo Style Boho Waves by Aterna. I must say, it is a bit on the pricey side at $22 for a 125ml bottle. However for what is does, personally, I think it's worth it. Also you don't actually use too much in each use so it is worth the price if you feel up to spending that much on a product. 

So what does this product really do? Well apart from giving you boho/beach waves it also gives you texture and makes your hair less frizzy which I love. Having long hair means I always have to struggle with flat hair as my hair is always weighed down. I usually use a bit of dry shampoo to give it a bit more texture and then another product to make it wavy. Having a two in one is amazing as I'm not using so much product on my hair and it just feels better. The waves last me all day depending on the weather. If it's raining and my hair gets wet then when it drys again I will have to use more if I want the waves back. However, when they are there, they're really loose textured waves.

It's also really easy to use. You need to get your hair damp first. Notice the word damp and not absolutely dripping wet. If you use this straight after coming out the shower, nothing is going to happen. You need your hair to be about 70% dry so that it will actually soak in the product instead of letting it run right off. I will usually get out the shower and then let my hair towel dry. Then when it is 70% dry I will spray it from root to end and scrunch it. I literally just scrunch the product into my hair and then I will take individual chunks and rub/scrunch it into those. This is what they mean by 'shape the hair' on the bottle. After my hair is completely dry I may use a bit more and then shape again.
If you aren't going to use it after a shower then you could always wet your hands and then dampen your hair with them or even get a spray bottle and hold it at arms length and then spray on.

Overall, I think this product is definitely worth the money and I would recommend it for both texture and beach waves.
Have you ever used a product like this? What were your thoughts?

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Yay & Nay No.1

Hi everyone!
Long time no see right? Sorry about that. Lots of life stuff has been going on and my blog had to come second. Although I guess its good that my actual life was more exciting than my internet life as usually it's the other way round! Anyway, I thought I'd start a new series on my blog (series, is that the right word?) called Yay & Nay. If you're an internet addict like me then you'll probably know what this means. If not then it's basically Yes or No or Like and Don't Like. So this 'series' is going to be about my likes and dislikes of the month. My Yays and Nays.
{You may have noticed I have a Halloween theme for my picture. I like it.}


  • Jumpers - The best thing about fall/winter is definitely the jumpers. I love feeling all snug and warm and the jumpers in fashion at the moment are amazing! 
  • PJ's - Even though I love jumpers I still prefer to just lounge around in my PJ's so good winter ones are always the best. I recently went to Primark and purchased some really cute red checkered bottoms with a white Cami-Top! I love PJ's so much I probably have more than all my other clothes put together! It's ridiculous! 
  • Thick Woolen Socks - Keeping up with the cozy theme are some good thick woolen socks that keep my toes warm! They aren't the best fashion accessory especially my neon pink ones with squirrels on! But I still adore them. 
  • Sims 3 - I found all my Sims games which I haven't played in ages and decided to give them all a go. Addicted is the word I would use. I'm no good at it though. They're releasing a new one called Sims 3 Into The Future and I have mine pre-ordered already!
  • Peaches - You always need a good peach. I think I must of had at least 3 today.
  • The new iPhone filters - I've taken about 50 pictures a day using all the filters. It makes my life pretty. Just to let you all know my favourite at the moment is probably Transfer. 
  • Halloween - I'm so excited for Halloween this year! I'm making design ideas for my pumpkin.


  • Uggs - This time last year Ugg season was coming back but this year I am not feeling it. I am much more looking forward to wearing little pretty leather ankle boots. 
  • Shaving - I'm sure most girls hate this but it needs to be added. People need to accept really hairy girls because I really, really, cannot be bothered to do it. Ever. 
  • Cereal - I haven't been able to stomach cereal for weeks now. I have no idea why. I've had toast non stop for breakfast. I actually ran out of bread this morning so decided to toast rolls instead. 
That's it for this month but I'll have plenty more for next month!
What are your Yays and Nays?