Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Vans // a little review

Hi everyone!
Sorry that I haven't posted in what feels like years! My laptop had a breakdown and decided to fling out half the keys. The problem was fixed and now I'm back! *claps to self* 
While my laptop was dying I had a mini internet haul. I ordered 3 items but thought I'd give them separate posts to spread things out. The first thing I ordered was a new pair of Vans. The only other pair I have are burgundy and I literally live in them so they now look a bit worn out. I decided another pair is just what I need! I didn't want the same colour and I am so fussy with shoes that it took me ages to find a pair that I actually liked. But finally I settled on these;

These are the Vans Old Skool Shoes in the colour Navy, they were £55. The website says they are made of Suede and Canvas and the description says: "The Old Skool has never been lacking in the attitude department. It brought the dawn of the classic Vans side stripe which has developed into a status symbol of  tradition and skate stature. Aside from all that personality, they have lasted as long as they have for their ability to preform on a skate board, and to last, and last."
When you feel them you could feel that they would last as they are incredibly sturdy. The burgundy Vans which I currently have are a lot softer than these. They have quite hard backs and sides which gives support. When I wore them for the first time, it was on a dog walk and we were walking for about 2 - 3 hours. Biggest mistake. My feet hate hard back shoes and they immediately protested in big red blisters after only 10 minutes of walking. I spent the rest of the week walking about in 3 pairs of thick rugby socks to try and stretch them a bit! However, now, they are the most comfortably shoe to wear out and about! They also go with a lot of outfits and I am very pleased that I purchased them! 

Have you ever owned any Vans? What did you think?

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