Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Lip Scrub by Lush

Hi everyone!
For the last few days I have been suffering with sore, chipped lips and I was desperate to find products to help them. I came across this product in the back of my cupboard. It is amazing!

This is the Popcorn Lip Scrub by Lush. I got this as a gift for Christmas as it was part of their Limited Addition Christmas Range. However you can still buy it on their website now so maybe they continued the line?
I think it acts more like a lip exfoliator as, if you have chapped lips it will exfoliate the layer of dead skin and leave your lips looking fresher and plumper! It is also really easy (and delicious) to apply. All you do is get a little bit on your finger and buff your lips until you feel that they are softer and then you lick the excess off which is the delicious part! Because it's Popcorn flavour I was a bit worried about what it would taste like but in the end it tasted like Popcorn from the cinema so if you like Popcorn, you'll like the flavour but if not they also do Mint and Bubblegum.
You do only get 25g in a pot which isn't very much but you don't have to use hand fulls of it every time, so it should last quite awhile.
I can say that after about 3 days of using this my lips definitely look better and they also have a nicer colour to them. I would definitely recommend anyone use this even if it is only going to be used occasionally as it makes all the difference. 

Have you ever used a Lip Scrub? What products do you like to refresh your lips with?


  1. I love the mint version of this!!! It is fabulous and tastes yummy!


  2. I haven't tried this yet, But I REALLY need to. I get such chapped lips.

    Jenna ♥ ♥
    Northern Beauty 85

  3. I've tried the mint julips and I'm currently using the bubblegum!
    I absolutely love these!

    Only problem is the 2 month expiry so I usually put on heaps of it because I ended up throwing away at least half of my mint one because it went past it's best before date :'(



  4. i have a bubblegum one and it tasted a bit nice
    i think i might get the popcorn one it looks good